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Our gothic bracelets make for subtly strange wrist wear. Our bangles and chains are suitable for men, women or people of any gender who want to express their love of the dark and uncommon…

Our silver skull bracelets are favourites among our customers, who complement their skull ringsearrings and necklaces with them for a coordinated gothic look.

We make our goth bracelets by hand, carving the bones carefully from wax and casting them in silver – we don’t use animal bones to make the jewellery.

Our bracelets and bangles are more than just a simple accessory – they’re an extension of who you are. And they’re designed so because of who we are, alternative, weird makers with a love of eerie and mysterious artefacts.

Because we make your bracelet by hand, you can choose a different material. Prefer gold or something in a specific size? Let us know here.