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Collaboration: The Coffin Works

Collaboration: The Coffin Works

When The Coffin Works' asked to collaborate with us we couldn't have been happier to work with them to produce jewellery for their gift shop.

We we're asked to produce a pair of earrings drawing inspiration from a brass ‘rose’ (pictured above) in one of Newman Brothers’ earliest trade catalogues, dating from circa 1905.

We were also asked to design a necklace inspired by a wonderful die from the Coffin Works' Stamp Room. The design was used as an extra decoration on coffin handles, this particular shape dates from our earliest trade catalogues, dating from circa 1905.

Both items can by purchased from the Coffin Works' website and museum gift shop 



Newman Brothers’ Coffin Works

The award winning Coffin Works museum is a proud part of Birmingham heritage. The building was once home to the Newman Brothers, a company that produced high-quality coffin fittings, such as handles and plates.

The Coffin Works museum offers visitors a chance to step back in time and explore the history of the coffin-making industry in Birmingham. The museum features a range of exhibits, including workshops, machinery, and tools used in the production of coffin fittings, as well as examples of finished products. Visitors can also learn about the lives of the workers who once worked at the Newman Brothers factory, and discover the social and economic history of the local area.

The Coffin Works is a fascinating and unique museum that offers a glimpse into a little-known aspect of Birmingham's industrial past. It is a great destination for history buffs, as well as anyone interested in the art and craft of metalworking.


To book plan your visit please go to the Coffin Works website